Our Jackie floating loungers

Jackie Extra Soft

Our Extra Soft line is a bit thicker. Even more comfort? Than you'll enjoy the softness of this floating lounger.

Jackie Twin Extra Soft

In search for the ultimate floating lounger? Than is this the model for you. It is the most comfortable twin float around.

Finally! A beautiful floating lounger

There is an elegant simplicity about the smooth lines and pure design of Jackie. This is a floating lounger which blends in effortlessly with any number of aquatic settings. The irresistible combination of innovation and fun embodied by Jackie makes her the perfect companion for days when the water beckons.

A floating lounger for many years

Thanks to a period of careful testing from the outset of the design process, Jackie is a floating lounger which is unrivalled in its attributes. Materials have been carefully chosen to stand up to exposure to sunlight, chlorine, salt water transpiration and even sunscreen products, meaning you won’t have to worry about maintenance. The low weight of the water floats also means that stacking, storing and moving is never a problem. Choose between regular and twin size and a wide color range. On the calm waters of the sea, an outdoor swimming pool, in a spa or a country club lake, Jackie is a water float which gives you every excuse to stay in the fresh air that bit longer, and makes going back to a standard inflatable floating lounger almost unthinkable.

Go beyond a floating lounger!

Think it couldn’t get better? Think again. Jackie has some friends we’d like to introduce you to. They include ‘Lucille’, who is the perfect match for a floating lounger – an outdoor daybed which provides the perfect base for Jackie when used ashore. Lucille means Jackie’s unique comforts can be appreciated in or out of the water, rendering standard sun loungers obsolete. Then there are ‘Elsie’ and ‘Emma’, the two deluxe outdoor cushions which are the icing on the cake when it comes to providing unmatched relaxation. 

A floating lounger for on your yacht

There is nothing quite like a yacht for exploring sun-drenched waters, or taking anchor in an idyllic spot of seclusion. Jackie makes for an essential yachting accessory; either used aboard or as a floating lounger on the surrounding waters.