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The Innovation behind Mr Blue Sky: Why Jackie Is So Unique

At Mr Blue Sky we often get asked: “I’ve seen your product and the design is so
simple, how come no one ever thought of this before?”. Well, the answer to that
question is pretty straightforward: it took us two years and many sinking prototypes
to develop the patented material Jackie is made of nowadays. Here’s the story of
how Jackie came into existence.
The goal was clear from the start: creating an elegant, beautiful and perfectly
conceptualized floating lounger. One that frees people with good taste and nice
gardens from having to run to the toy-store and buy an inflatable mattress in flashy
colours. However, there were some challenges that laid ahead of us:

  • The lounger should be durable
  • It needs to be comfortable
  • The upholstery should be UV resistant, stain-proof and ‘easy care’

Quite quickly the idea of a foam floater with a water-tight cover arose. Only to realise
that from the moment there is a tiny whole in the cover, the foam will get wet and
start to sink. Because of this, we started looking for a type of foam that doesn’t
absorb water and floats in itself, like the one they use for surfboards. But you can
guess already… using surfboard material for sun loungers isn’t very comfortable.

Jackie floating lounger innovation

And so we started experimenting with developing our own type of foam, constantly
balancing softness with the ability to float. We tried different combinations and made
sure the material is also resistant to chlorine and seawater. Finally, after many trials-
and-errors, a unique mix of materials was found that met all criteria. Without
hesitating we took a patent on it!
To finish of the product, we designed the cover in Sunbrella fabric so it is UV
resistant. We also made sure it can be zipped off instantly and washed at 40°C. And
last but not least, we named her Jackie!

In conclusion, when looking at the Jackie floating lounger, there’s definitely more to it
than meets the eye. She’s a mixture of timeless design and state-of-the-art
materials. And we’re proud of her!

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